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Derek & Kim Johnson
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We are a small family operated business who just happened to be married.

Derek & Kimberly Johnson


Derek takes care of product development and fulfillment responsibilities. Kim takes care of sales and office responsibilities.

Derek & Kimberly Johnson

Owners with a Passion for the Outdoors

The love of the outdoors and hunting has always been a part of Derek's lifestyle, so we knew that this business would be perfect for us. We enjoy how it lets us spend time with nature! The idea to get into this business was when Derek's brother-in-law, Jake, introduced us to the product.  It was an opportunity that allowed us to spend time outside exploring the beautiful woods.

Why deer hunters choose us

Our love of the outdoors and hunting made this business a natural for us and a lifestyle we enjoy.

We are Derek and Kim Johnson. Husband and wife and the owners of Deer Stands Direct, LLC.

Derek, AKA Worm, grew up hunting and fishing obsessively.  Some things never change, if he isn’t working he is likely in the woods or on a lake. I also grew up enjoying the outdoors but I took up camping and fishing more so than hunting.  In due time, the two of us began dating. In the beginning I found myself in disbelief at how many hours a man could waste in the deer stand when he could’ve been spending time with his helluva catch girlfriend. My frustration started in the summer with food plots, gained speed in fall with archery season opener, hit its peak during firearm season and finally began to fade when muzzleloader season came to an end.

Time would prove that his hunting and my nagging was an annual occurrence. So, out of spite, I decided to try my hand at bowhunting. By accident, I fell in love with the sport. Worm, to my surprise, turned out to be a great teacher and a selfless guide. He shares the excitement of another person's hunt as if it were his own pursuit.

Fast forward to 2014:  Worm’s brother-in-law, Jake, owns Deer Stands Direct and introduces us to the product.  Worm helped Jake load stands for customers a few times and became familiar with the operation. We found the deer stands to be a serious asset to whitetail hunters so we called dibs. When Jake was ready to sell the business in 2019 we were ready and the rest is history.

Derek & Kim Johnson